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About Us

lionfieldbuilding.jpgCASCOR was created in 1992, giving us many years of experience in the unique warranty administration needs of the fleet transportation industry.

Our highly-trained staff has firsthand experience in the automotive and trucking industries. With the best tools available, they work to identify, process and track vehicle warranty claims and recalls; are continuously monitored for manufacturer compliance; and are evaluated on specific OEM performance.

The CASCOR System

At the end of each month we'll send you a report with details of tracking information. Warranty reimbursement dollars are paid directly to you from the manufacturer.

CASCOR's work is done efficiently, from the downloading of repair data, to the reviews for potential warranty claims, to the actual claims submission to OEM's via their electronic claims submission sites.

Additionally, a complete paid claims history is kept on our system for your reference.

When it comes to fleet warranty services, CASCOR is the only choice.

  • CASCOR does it all. We identify, process and track vehicle warranty claims and recalls for our customers
  • CASCOR has the knowledge, staffing and equipment to comply with each OEM's warranty reimbursement policies
  • CASCOR's staff includes claims processors and claims writers trained in the automotive and trucking industries, as well as experts in manufacturer warranty policies and procedures
  • CASCOR provides an easy, cost-effective solution to handle fleet warranty administration and recovery

CASCOR Inc.  140 South Village Avenue, Suite 220, Exton, PA 19341 | Ph: 800.480.8256 | FAX: 610.594.8258

CASCOR Warranty Processing provides services that allow fleets across the country to outsource their vehicle warranty submission and tracking processes to better economize their resources.